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Energy Consumers – why join Elektra Phi?


1.  Create a profile adding in details about your home or business, what energy solutions and energy consumption you currently experience and answer a simple questionnaire about what you want as a goal for your energy (e.g. 100% renewable, supplying back to the grid, get off-grid, reduce energy by x%)

2. Platform suggest potential projects that you could undertake and suggest potential government rebates you may be eligible for based on your answers.

3. By choosing your preferred project, you will create a job that will be analyzed against suppliers products and services that may meet your needs and will send you a shortlist of candidates. 

4. Your profile can be updated at any time to change your location, building type and goals to create new projects.

5. The streaming section of the app/platform will highlight suppliers content (information about products,services, innovation and new technology) that matches the goals you have answered in your profile.

6. Reviews from previous clients will give you insight into the quality of the suppliers products and services and you can simply message your potential suppliers for a chat or to get more information. 

7. Project management of your project is simple, efficient and effective and files, agreements or contracts can be sent and received securely. 

8. Payments can be setup with milestones and released as the milestones are met. Payments can be made simply online using a number of different payment methods. Invoices can be downloaded and printed directly from the platform.