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Energy Provider- why join Elektra Phi?


1. Be found in the market – platforms match customer projects to your company’s capabilities and products.  This means being matched with potential customers who are ready to spend and want your solutions. No more wasting time on marketing to people who are not your market.

2. Create content online – cloud based space to create online content to help your potential clients understand your energy solutions.

3. Referrals and reviews – Automated review and referral system (think Ebay, AirBNB & Uber) with written or video reviews and  a reward system for referrals that convert to sales.  Get market penetration through trusted word of mouth.

4. Dashboard and insights – Simple to set up with the ability to create your company profile, add written or video content, create events and tailor what you offer according to the insights into interactions, reviews and referrals.

5. Project management dashboard ensures that projects are managed efficiently to match your customers needs and ensures you are paid on time with multiple payment methods to choose from.  

Sound good? Contact us now, we are taking first movers to join the platform as we launch