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Have you ever wondered why we have been told that sea levels are rising for so many years and yet, here on the Gold Coast there is no evidence of this? (Or at least none I can see)

History shows that sea levels have changed over a range of more than 120 meters in the last 140,000 years. Wow! That’s a lot. After the last ice age, sea levels stabilised and have been fairly stable over the last few thousand years.

They also argue that there are errorsin measurements and models used and that some of the science is misleading.

I think it is important to open a healthy debate and discussion with all views about the accuracy of the science around climate change predictions because consensus bias is not helpful to having the best available information with which to make decisions.  And right now, Governments globally have to make decisions on the best and most trusted data available.


A stance that I think is also almost universally held also is that fossil fuels are a finite resource and eventually, we have to find a different source of energy to provide the comforts many humans now take for granted because of electricity and transportation.

So whilst there is argument at which speed we should make this change, the change is inevitable.  There is an opportunity to change now, regardless of the science and regardless of how much coal, oil and gas is still in the ground.

Our world will be a better place with less single use plastic and less pollution.  Our lives will be better if we are more careful, conscious and aware that all of our actions impact not only humans but also plants and animals and the Earth.

So instead of arguing about who is right and who is wrong, lets look at what is right and what is wrong.  Having a rubbish tip of 1.6 million square kilometres in the middle of the ocean is not right.  Clearing land for mining and destroying forests and natural wildlife habitats is not right.

We can change and we can do this better.  Let’s take this opportunity to make our world a better place, transition to clean energy sources and reduce pollution and emissions because it’s the right thing to do.

There are a few things you can do right now to join the conversation.  We are having this conversation so we can raise awareness and understanding of the problems and opportunities we all face during this transition so we can create better solutions for our future.

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