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Have you ever wondered why, if renewable energy is so great, why are we still using coal and oil to generate the majority of our energy?

This is a question that many people have been trying to answer. I think that one of the big reasons is that politicians are afraid of change.  With a transition to renewable energy comes a huge economic challenge, one they have not been willing to face.

Right now in Australia (and in many other countries) the majority of electricity is supplied by coal fired power stations.  In 2018 around 50,000 workers were employed by the coal industry alone and mining occurs mainly in QLD and NSW.  Guess which states have the lowest amount of renewable energy penetration in Australia…. You guessed it! QLD and NSW.

Yet many power stations in Australia are already at the end of their life span and many will be within 5 years of their end of life by 2030 meaning the state and national Governments, instead of putting into place an actual plan to deal with this inevitable situation and using it as the opportunity to gradually re-train and move the workforce from coal mining and coal burning to renewable energy production and distribution have been sitting on their hands worried about today and not looking at tomorrow.

A few states in Australia have moved forward on this with Tasmania effectively being powered 100% by renewables, the ACT is on the cusp of 100% renewables and South Australia is over half way there.  So if these states can make the change, then its not that renewables are too expensive or unreliable like many of the proponents argue. This indicates a total lack of will and planning.

There is a huge economic opportunity to be had with the transition to renewables. The Repower Australia Plan reports the shift to clean energy would start paying itself off by 2025 and by 2040, Australians would save on average, $9 billion per year on fuel in the power sector and $11 billion per year on fuel in the transport sector. (Read the full report here)

In response to this lack of leadership, Australia has seen the first large national protests that it has seen for many years. I sincerely hope the Government wakes up and see that inaction is no longer acceptable.

What are you doing about it?

There are a few things you can do right now to join the conversation.  We are having this conversation so we can raise awareness and understanding of the problems and opportunities we all face during this transition so we can create better solutions for our future.

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